Recent Football Concussion-Related Litigation Against Riddell

Riddell—the company primarily responsible for manufacturing football helmets—has also been the focus of continued litigation.

Recently, consumers and school districts brought consolidated class action lawsuits against Riddell, alleging false advertising claims under various consumer protection laws.

The false advertising claims relate to Riddell’s marketing of a new line of “Revolution” football helmets—primarily to youth and high school football players—that purportedly contained the ability to reduce concussions based on unique concussion reduction technology.  This concussion reduction guarantee was backed by a study that claimed the new Revolution helmets reduced concussions by thirty-one percent (31%).  However, the study was funded by Riddell, and Riddell’s vice president was one of the study’s authors.  Moreover, the leaders in the industry who peer reviewed this study found “serious, if not fatal, methodological flaws” in the study.  The plaintiffs are therefore asserting in their lawsuits that this false advertising was a factor which resulted in their damages.

Perhaps this recent development coupled with the NCAA’s recent $75 million settlement sheds some insight into why so many football players across the country suffer from CTE.

This firm is currently in the process of signing up clients to sue Riddell, the NCAA, and the NCAA’s member conferences for concussion-related injuries suffered by collegiate football players.  Players who feel as if they may have (or are at risk of having) CTE and who wish to file their own a lawsuit with this firm can sign up on this website.  In the meantime, this firm will continue monitoring football concussion-related lawsuits and their evolution through the courts.

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